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Team Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

All types of tissue loss, either caused by injuries, tumours or following a surgery reperesent major problems to surgery in general. If it procedes at all the healing of large defects procedes slowly and newly formed scar tussue often is not sufficiently functional. The Tissue Engineering team is emgaged in the cultivation of new tissue and specificly performs experiments on the regenereation of bone tissue. The issiues that are dealt with are related to specific problems from everyday life. The main research focus lies on periprosthetic bone defects that can occur after the removal of artificial knee or hip joints. By using suitable biomaterials, like ceramics and non-ceramics combined with stem cells and groth factors, three dimensional construcs can be generated, which are then testet towards their osteogenous potential in laboratory tests or animal experimentation. The Research aims to transfer the experimental results as soon as possible to clinical applications and uses cooperations with industrial partners to achieve that goal.


”Biological reconstruction of periprosthetic acetabular bone defects – in-vivo study to optimize the treatment of bone defects by using mordern biomaterials in the periprosthetic load situation on the animal model sheep."