Clinic for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Bonn

Team Navigation and Robotics

Navigation and Robotics

The fields of orthopaedics and trauma surgery are closely linked to mechanics and biomechanics. Therefore they always involve technical aspects. The implementation of technical tools into the surgical field is an obvious possibility. Navigated surgery and computer-assisted surgery allows the use of camera- and x-ray-supported systems that support the surgeon in ideally positioning the implant.

In close cooperation with the Helmholtz-Institut of the RWTH Aachen new ideas and concepts are developed regarding the reasonable use of technical tools within the planning and accomplishment of orthopaedic surgery. The range of concepts reaches from quickly applicable ideas (e. g. an x-ray-supported navigation system to insert hip screws in treatment of femoral fractures or software for the planning and monitoring of artificial hip replacement) and prototypes (e. g. a robot for the automated removal of bone cement in replacement endoprosthetics) to theoretical models (load simulations of the spine and the joints as well as the optimization of force axes).


BMBF/OrthoMIT Orthopädischer Operationssaal der Zukunft:
”Evaluation of an two-dimensional fluoroscopically – based navigation system for the osteosynthesis of fractures in the area of the proximal femur.”